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I am staunchly pro-life. I am a previous president of the Howard County Right to Life Organization. Also have volunteered at Loving Choices and helped many women with the challenges of motherhood through their program. 

I have fought for the unborn giving them a voice through managing campaigns of pro-life candidates, setting up booths, and attending rallies. 

We need to support adoption and foster care as well as non-profits and pregnancy crisis centers that serve the needs of mothers and children

Image by Alexander Mils

Jobs and Economic Growth

I grew up in the family jewelry business. I have seen firsthand the struggles and challenges of owning a small business. After the COVID 19 pandemic, I feel it is even more important to keep government bureaucracy out of the way of small businesses. Red tape, regulations, and mandates are making it difficult to grow a small business. I will stand up for small businesses that create jobs and support infrastructure to promote economic growth in Springdale. 

Image by Ed Robertson


I believe every child in Arkansas deserves the best education possible. 
I support good schools whether they are traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, or homeschool. 

I am opposed to Critical Race Theory and left-wing ideology in our schools. 

As a mother of three children whom each graduated from different high schools (both public and private) I understand that all children are unique and should be educated in a way that fits their needs. Parents, not politicians should decide what's best for their children. 


2nd Amendment

Gun ownership is a vital part of outdoor sports and recreation. Also our ability to protect ourselves, our families, and our property. 

As a former conceal carry Arkansan I will protect and defend our right to keep and bear arms. 

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